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Lara Lewington

Tech presenter, journalist, documentary maker, AI commentator.

Lara is passionate about tech, and how it can better our lives. Alongside presenting the BBC’s flagship technology show, Click, she has fronted programmes including Panorama’s “Beyond Human: Artificial Intelligence and Us” for BBC One, Radio 4’s “A Documentary: By ChatGPT”, and has become a leading commentator across the British media, explaining AI’s possibilities and limitations in a digestible way.


Often covering future health, her BBC show “Forever Young?” separated science from snake oil as she visited the heart of the longevity revolution in California, unravelling the real evidence of how scientific advancement and technological breakthroughs may be able to help us increase our “healthspans”, and live the healthy years of our lives for longer. She also presented ITV1 Tonight’s “Healthy Ageing”, filled with take-aways for how we can best live out later lives, and regularly writes for a host of leading UK publications.

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